A Pocketful of Smooth Stones

by Malcolm Gordon

Come, come, come all who are weary Come, come, come you heavy laden Take my yolk for it is easy Feel my burden rest ever so lightly For I am gentle and humble And you will find rest for your soul Come, come, come all who are weary Come, come, come you heavy laden Take my yolk for it is easy And you will find rest for your soul
Should I sink like a stone And come to my rest in the deep, I will wait in the womb of the world Buried in deep, dark peace. I will wait for the storm that will stir me from rest And the waves that will throw me ashore. As by the sand I am worn The tide I am drawn Through the waters I am newborn.
Do not rush as you walk with grief For it does not help the journey Walking slow, take your time Do not hurry my friend As you walk with grief Be not disturbed by the memories that come unbidden Swiftly forgive them, letting Christ speak for you Unspoken words, unwoven threads Will be resolved in him Be not disturbed, be not disturbed Oh be gentle with the one who walks with grief If it is you, be gentle with yourself. Swiftly forgive, taking it slow Take your time Take time to be gentle as you walk with grief
Our Father in heaven Save us who bear Your name Do not leave us abandoned Let Your will and kingdom reign Meet our hunger with bread And our sin with forgiveness As we meet our enemies As You have met us Lead us not into trial But deliver Your children For this world and the one to come Rest forever in Your power.
This too shall pass This too shall pass Though these days are dark And sure to leave a mark This too shall pass This too shall pass
Receive what cannot be claimed Fall into what cannot be scaled Breathe in what cannot be seen Awake to what cannot be dreamed Attend to the ground beneath your feet Attend to the colours underneath For God is here and now in love My friend, trust that will be enough.
The Way may be steep and rough But don’t be afraid my friend If you stumble a hundred times a day Love will surely pick you up And kiss your wounds so tenderly You might even feel pity For those too strong To fall.


A contemplative collection of songs, based on sacred texts, ancient prayers and spiritual poems.


released May 20, 2020

All songs by Malcolm Gordon.
Performed and Produced by Malcolm Gordon
Recorded in the Cabin up the Back Studios.




Malcolm Gordon Dunedin, New Zealand

Hailing from the Deep South of New Zealand, Malcolm now finds himself exploring the spirituality of suffering in his doctoral research at Otago Univeristy.

Mixing deep reflection with uplifting melody and harmony, Malcolm's music makes room for something deeper to happen in our souls
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